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Increase Booth traffic, Make More Connections and Boost your Sales 

Push the Boundaries - Move Our Mobile Barista Bars Right Into Your Industry Event.

Having a full-service Espresso Bar with Baristas keeps your attendees engaged, connected and fueled.  It's forward thinking and adds huge value to your conference, meeting and more and a  brilliant solution to jazz up what can be a very busy and intense schedule. Serving up craft specialtiy drinks like Espressos, Double Shots, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas and more not only gives the attendees a much needed pick me up, and remember.....


We are here to work with you! Your vision is our vision.  

Having our Barista Bars strategically placed throughout your event will not only allow attendees quick access to

grab and go, it says to everyone that they are valued and appreciated. It's #happiness

What Clients Are Saying:

"Our clients were very, very, happy with their entire program and they’re attendees referred your Mobile Coffee Bars as “the best conference ever.” 


"Nina! Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you and Leonor.  I will definitely reach out to you when we need barista’s again because you were a hit! and so easy to work with"


​"Your setup was beautiful, you guys were so professional, timely, the drinks were awesome and my clients could not stop gushing - best service ever!"

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