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Print Anything on top of a foamy drink 

Capture people's gaze as they take hold of their drinks and transform each customer into an influencer by offering drink prints worthy of sharing!


We now offer you a creative solution for increasing customer engagement--- by printing directly on our delicious foam-topped Lattes and Cappuccinos.


 With our dynamic feed of creative content, your client can promote a product, a brand, a logo, or just take selfies all day or night long!

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     Unleashing the Power of Innovative           Content Marketing

            We can turn our delicious creamy            foam-topped lattes into an even more delightful customer experience!

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Turning a simple cup of coffee into a marketing masterpiece

Our cutting-edge Sponsorship Branding Opportunities

The Concept

We've taken the traditional coffee cup and transformed it into a dynamic marketing tool. Our custom-designed and printed cups feature your company's logo prominently displayed, along with a personalized QR code strategically placed for maximum impact.

Relationship Builder

The act of scanning the QR code sparks conversation and networking opportunities, making it easier for your potential clients to connect with your brand and team

Unmatched Visibility

As your potential clients sip their coffee, your brand is right in their hands, ensuring that your message doesn't go unnoticed.

Instant Engagement

The personalized QR code provides an immediate and interactive connection. When attendees scan it, they're directed to your website, promotional materials, or a landing page specially crafted to convert their interest into action.

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