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Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Caterers & Personal Use


Offer it as a refreshing alternative to hot coffee

Local Delivery ONLY!

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We offer customizable cold brew coffee solutions that cater to your business's unique needs and preferences.

If you're a Cold Brew enthusiast, you probably already know that it's typically brewed as a concentrate.


That's why we offer our own Cold Brew Concentrate, which gives you the flexibility to adjust the strength to your liking and frees up valuable fridge space.


By experimenting with the consistency, you can enjoy a stronger kick or a milder taste depending on your Cold Brew. Our concentrate is made from the finest beans, roasted by our sister company Lola's Coffee, and brewed in-house.


We steep it for 14 hours extracting the richest flavor profiles, resulting in a smooth taste that's lower in acid.

Use it to make cocktails: Cold brew coffee can add a unique flavor to cocktails, especially those with a coffee or espresso base. such as carajillos, espresso Martinis, Irish coffee or even a cold brew sangria.


Our Cold Brew is brewed without heat, it's packed with antioxidants from the coffee beans' chlorogenic acid.

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