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Make a lasting impression on your clients, employees and everyone you do business with by giving the gift of Coffee….Personalized Coffee! 

What a great Gift!

We will package our delicious freshly roasted Coffee. Our coffee selections are 100% organic Arabica coffee. We personalize each bag with your company name, logo as pictured here.​



Coffee Choices:

Vienna Roast - Dark Roast - washed process

Ethiopia Sidamo Organic - Medium Roast - natural process
Kenya Kariru Baragwi - Medium Roast

All are 1LB Bags

Three things we know for sure---
People love coffee
Coffee provides an experience
Coffee is not just delicious - it's a HIP gift IDEA!


Think Corporate gifts ideas, conference packages and more, let us help you. 
(210) 660-2200 or email us:


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