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Give Your Brand a Shot!

Coffee. The universal ‘c’ word. It's part drink, part religion. It’s pumps up our souls with a belief that YES! We can get through the day. Hallelujah! The pleasure factor is high. But it goes beyond the sipping. The whole vibe of when, where and how we drink coffee leaves room for everybody to have a story. I’m always hearing stories - especially about awesome coffee moments. I listen hard, because I’m a Barista Kat. Always learning, improving, and serving up the best 360 coffee experience.

Sharing is caring. Here’s why your brand needs a mobile coffee cart at your next event: When someone links their pleasure and satisfaction to your name, there’s a bond that forms at the cellular level. Need more data? Research shows that when people receive gifts, there is a natural response of reciprocity. In business, that comes in the form of referrals, higher purchases and repeated business rates, etc. This is ROI that should go down real smooth.

Not all coffee experiences are created equal. If you want to stand out at a conference or event by gifting lattes, cortados, espresso shots, cappuccinos, chai, etc - you have the unique chance to leverage thousands of extraordinary in-person, eye-ball-to-brand message opportunities.  Customize your message and image on each drink. Your logo floating on foam, inches from the eyes of potential clients gives your brand the shot it deserves.

Pun intended. 

And don’t forget this fun fact: Social shares of beautiful coffee drinks are up there with babies and cats. Get in on that! So here’s your checklist. 

High-end equipment

Expert baristas (Kats are the only way to go)branded ripples, cups, sleeves, aprons, and more Anytime, anywhere - great coffee steals the show. !



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