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Operation Lola’s Coffee is a bold, yet well-balanced bean with a neutral palette. It’s something that is only achieved through the roasting process and Barista Kats puts a lot of time and effort into that process. Once they’ve landed on the right formula, they lock it in and that becomes the profile, creating a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. You’ll love the perfect blend of subtle nuances including top notes and base notes in each cup of Operation Lola’s Coffee.

Although typically available only at events and conferences, Barista Kats is offering their signature coffee exclusively for Coffee With A Cause, supporting Operation Lola Pig Rescue Fund. Your purchase makes it possible for Operation Lola to find medical care and permanent homes for abandoned potbelly pigs. A percentage of all sales go to Operation Lola to help with the support of the sanctuaries that take in the animals and assist in the cost of their care and feeding.

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